Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Your Last Minute Shopping

Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Your Last Minute Shopping

A few weeks from now, everyone will be celebrating Christmas. Feasts laid all over the table, gifts under the Christmas trees, the titos and titas catching up, and kids running around. It’s the typical scenario.

But have you found the perfect gifts for your loved ones yet? I know most of us love Christmas shopping, but there are some that also love delaying shopping & buying gifts at the last minute.

Are you a diligent gifter?
Or a crammer?

Whether you’re already 90% complete with your lists or are just about to shop (panic mode: on), here are some nice budget-friendly Christmas gifts for your last minute shopping! 🙂


With the digital age advancing faster than we expected (or even wanted), handwritten letters are also rapidly taking a backseat. Getting in touch with your loved ones over social media is nice – it’s convenient, accessible, and cheap. But there’s just something super heartwarming with writing your own letters.

There’s something about the penmanship of a person that makes it really personal. Do you agree? It might sound corny, but it’s one of the best gifts I received this year when a fellow blogger and friend sent me a handwritten letter.

Speaking of which, Papemelroti is known for selling recycled items. They have different knickknacks and notebooks, so it’s perfect for both art lovers and writers. Their products are also very cheap – one huge notebook can only cost 100-200 pesos. What a steal, right?!


Their products range from bag tags to notebooks to jewelries, so it’s like a one-stop shop. You’ll definitely find something for everyone. There’s also something therapeutic about their stores so it lessens the stress that comes with Christmas shopping. 🙂


Who refuses food as a Christmas gift? Who refuses food on any occasion?! In every season of celebration, we Filipinos are known for cooking up feasts. If you have hidden talents in cooking, why not show it this Christmas season? You can also bake pastries if that’s your thing! It’d make the perfect dessert after your a lá buffet lunch or dinner.

If you have no skills whatsoever in the kitchen (like me) but you like supporting small local businesses (like me), you can just order from these local online stores! You’ll be gifting your loved ones with a sweet treat and supporting small local businesses. It’s a win-win!


You can try out Yellow Pixies Cakes by Lalaine Gabriel or The Creative Dough PH by Claui Villañueva. Both women customize their cakes and cupcakes, and they create amazing designs! You can never go wrong with these two!


Have zero baking skills? You can also try out these DIY food kits from Flour Plan DIY Food Kits. It has everything you need including the ingredients and kitchenware to be used. I never thought it’s possible to bake without an oven, but here we are! Here’s a thought: ask your little siblings/cousins/pamangkins to help you out. I’m sure doing these kits together would make a super nice bonding time for you all!

Prices range:  

  • Yellow PastriesPhp 1,500 (6 inches) to Php 2,800 (8 inches)
  • The Creative Dough: Php 750 basic customized buttercream; Artisanal cakes start at Php 1,000. You can also ask Claui to personalize the design
  • Flour Plan DIY Food Kits: Php 300 (chocolate chip cookies, chocolate crinkles, oreogasm bark, no-bake cookie dough, etc.) to Php 450 (Red velvet, black magic cake)


Accessories can be easily bought in the mall and in online stores. But what if you could support a local entrepreneur instead? Having accessories personalized is a plus, too. It’s more personal and you know the giver thought of the design well. It’s made specially for you. What’s more bongga than that? 😉

Little Details Shop sells cute accessories and writing materials. You can definitely find a nice gift for your titas and girl cousins! A simple accessory can be the perfect gift to your favorite tita, to your mom or even to a partner. This simple wave ring is only Php 650. LDS is based in Davao but they shop nationwide. YAY! *sprinkles confetti*

I also love The Bead Shop‘s accessories. They’re relatively cheap and accessible since most malls have TBS stores and kiosks. No time to go to the mall? You can also buy online!


A watch is a functional accessory. It doesn’t only complete your outfit, but it also tells you the time (and date). But what if you can buy a cheap yet functional watch, and help the less fortunate, would you do it? Love Hope Faith sells affordable watches that come in a variety of colors. For each watch you buy, 50% of the proceeds goes to cancer patients. One wristwatch only costs Php 250, so it’s super cheap that you can buy one for each family member. 

What I love about LoveHopeFaith’s watches are they come in versatile colors. I personally like the matte finish, which can easily tune down any posh outfit. Army green is always my first choice, but I also like the red one for a pop of color. 



Coffee shops are generally relaxing. Well, they should be, since the point is to enjoy your time while having a nice cup of coffee… or whatever your choice of drink is! Can’t think of any material thing to give your loved ones? Then focus on the intangibles! Treat them to a cup of coffee and just take the time to catch up. You can also go to “Instagrammable” coffee shops and take lots of photos! 


I like Coffee Project’s interior design. If I may say so myself, every corner is worthy of a photo. They also have pretty unique sweets and beverages! They permit free Wi-Fi up to 2 hours, and I think that’s fair enough. I recommend their Vietnamese Latte. It’s your typical coffee with a tinge of sweetness, which, for me, is just perfect. 

I also like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. No, wait. I don’t like it. I LOVE IT. I always go there when I want to work away from home. It’s also my little secret place when I want to chill and have my favorite drink. I actually have a few, so don’t ask me for a particular favorite. Haha!

But if you’re into mild drinks like I am, I recommend Moroccan Mint, English Breakfast, and Thai Tea Latte.

If you’re into cold beverages, you should try their Chai Tea and African Sunrise, both over ice.

Craving for something sugary? Their White Chocolate Dream is insanely good! And to think I don’t even like white chocolate! 

If all else fails, just spend quality time with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. Take your few days off from work to celebrate the holidays, and please, turn off your phone for a change! Use the free time you have to catch up with other people, swap stories, and exchange little trinkets. Christmas happens only once a year – make the most of it! 

Have you found the perfect gift from this list? 🙂 

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