My Bucket List (100 Things I Want To Do Before I Die)

My Bucket List (100 Things I Want To Do Before I Die)

By now, you’re probably already bored of my travel blog posts. I do apologize, but I’m just the kind of person who makes a series out of everything. I like slicing the events of my life into chewable days so they’re not all one time, big time. Anyway, let me do something different today. I want to share with you my very own Bucket List. Actually, now, I wrote it down clearly saying it’s the “List of 100 things I want to do before I die”, but that’s about the same thing, right? I don’t have the 100 items on my list yet. I’m working on them, though. 🙂

I know some of you have a lot of travel goals this year (and throughout your entire life), but my Bucket List is a bit different from that. I don’t have a lot of travel goals on my list. And about my goals that involve going to another country, we’ll just see. As of the moment, I don’t even have a passport, so. HAHA.

Oh, by the way, this list comes in no particular order. I also don’t have a deadline for each one. I also don’t force things to happen. If I get to do them all, then awesome. If not, then maybe I’m just not meant to do them. 🙂

  1. Learn to ride a bike. (Jec taught me how)
  2. Travel to U.S.A.
  3. Get published in a magazine. (, read this and this)
  4. Have recognition for my blog. (Feel free to object if I’m not yet there haha)
  5. Learn to bake.
  6. Master a recipe. 
  7. Eat a turkey.
  8. Try a gourmet cuisine.
  9. Go on a cruise trip.
  10. Be a tourist. 
  11. Compete in a bodybuilding contest.
  12. Hike a challenging mountain.
  13. Be friends with a complete stranger.
  14. Wear a beautiful gown.
  15. Grow the confidence to wear a bikini in public. (23rd birthday)
  16. Squat 100 pounds.
  17. Meet-up with an online friend.
  18. Read the entire Bible – and know it by heart.
  19. Grow my makeup collection.
  20. Be a medium (size 6-8).
  21. Go to a beach with white sand.
  22. Stay up until sunrise with a loved one.
  23. Sit on top of a mountain and gaze at the stars.
  24. Pet a tiger or lion – adult and cub.
  25. Find the perfect cup of coffee.
  26. Visit another country.
  27. Taste a decent glass of wine.
  28. Attend a bible study for solid weeks.
  29. Visit the Sistine Chapel.
  30. Witness real snow.
  31. Go to an exotic island.
  32. Try a legit foreign dish.
  33. Learn a different dialect (not language).
  34. Learn how to knit.
  35. Dye my hair a crazy color.
  36. Feed a stranger family. (Day 3 in Banaue, an Australian family went to Hiwang. We offered some of our breakfast for them to try.)
  37. Build a furniture with my hands.
  38. Own a car.
  39. Go island hopping.
  40. Be tight friends with an important individual.  (Suffice to say, I’m friends with  Camie Juan now? LOL. Don’t worry, I didn’t make sipsip, all engagements were genuine.)
  41. Run 21km. for a cause.
  42. Speak in front of an audience as a speaker.
  43. Be an advocate of a movement. (#IAmFlawsome)
  44. Visit an artsy store (something that would make me say, “WOW”).
  45. Spend half a day musing at art. (National Museum, 2nd day with Jec. We spent 5 hours there.)
  46. Go to a concert.
  47. Dine in a restaurant with a live band (soft music).
  48. Take a plane ride alone.
  49. Buy my own house.
  50. Build a website from scratch.
  51. Finish a really thick book. (Ken Follett books)
  52. Meet an industry personality. (Tita Cindy Dominguez who gave me my first blog work)
  53. Help a charitable organization.
  54. Go bald for a cancer patient.

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