Brain Pickings | Vol. 6

Brain Pickings | Vol. 6

I’ve been catching up on reading lately. In line with that, I’d like to share some of these wonderful articles I across online. In case you don’t have it in your phones and computers yet, I suggest that you get the Pocket app. It’s really useful for reading articles on the go. It’s especially helpful for me because I don’t have data on my phone. Since I save articles on my Pocket app all the time, I have something to read in case I get bored when I’m out.

You can also use this app to bookmark articles that you want to read later, not necessarily when you’re going offline. I also think that it’s better to be online when reading on Pocket since you would get to see the images and actual web page layout, something that lacks in the offline option.

Anyway, here are some articles I favorited: 

  1. Alas Dos 
  2. Live To Tell: My Suicide Story
  3. On Dealing With My Own Personality
  4. How to Develop Mental Toughness: Lessons From 8 Titans
  5. 1,500 People Give All The Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Need
  6. 15 Phrases You Need to Say to Yourself More Often
  7. This Is Your Life in Social Media

I hope you get some insights from these articles I personally hand-picked. These are just stories and writings that I found most relevant to me. We may have different perspectives. But either way, I hope you make your own list. I’d love to see what you read online. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Brain Pickings | Vol. 6”

  • Didn’t know there’s an app that lets you read articles offline. Whenever I want to read something I screenshot everything and read it when I’m out lol. Thank you for sharing this, and the articles as well 🙂

    • You’re welcome! It’s really useful. Check it out. 🙂 You can save either on your laptop or phone.

  • These are really interesting articles to read. Good thing there’s an app where I can store articles like these. I’m gonna read #5 first! Oh, hopeless romantic me haha

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