Book Review: Career Crossover | From Where You Are To Where You Should Be

Book Review: Career Crossover | From Where You Are To Where You Should Be

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The first few pages of Venchito Tampon Jr.’s book, Career Crossover, gave me an expectation of a smooth but solid writing. It is nothing technical, but everything is definitely substantial and useful for anyone looking for a Career Development book. Whether you are about to make a life-changing career decision, know someone who cannot settle for a job because of career indecisions, or simple if you want to have a good read about career development.

I particularly like how he shares personal experiences in each chapter, which his readers will find relevant and useful in understanding this book better. I also like how Venchito put emphasis on having a mentor, a person who can guide you through your career change. There is something humbling about admitting that you do not know everything and you need certain people in your life to  be able to go from where you are to where you should be, as the book’s title suggests. He also provides guidelines to help the readers accomplish each task with more direction and purpose. 

On the other hand, this book is not solely about career crossover but also work improvement. Venchito gives tips how to become better workers whether you are a freelancer, an employee or an entrepreneur. The major takeaway from this book might be that direction is important in taking a shift in your career. Venchito emphasizes that when you know where you are headed, it is easier for you to work joyfully and willingly.

In our life, career crossovers do not just happen. We make them because we are headed towards a certain direction and, in the process, we need people, resources, and passion to succeed, to name a few important contributing factors. This is where the book enters the picture.  

Overall, there are many personal and work lessons you will gain from this book. I highly suggest this book to individuals who yearn to make a shift in their careers but do not know how or where to start.

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About the Author: 


Venchito Tampon Jr. is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of SharpRocket, a digital marketing company based in Manila, Philippines.

He has worked on over 100 digital marketing projects throughout his career as a digital marketing professional.

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