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10 Things To Do When You Can’t Write A Blog Post

Have you ever been in this situation where you stare at your laptop screen all day but no words come out? You want to blog but your mind just won’t function, your fingers won’t function. In other words, you feel that this is just going to be an uneventful day where you attempt to blog but fail. Sounds familiar? 

You want to blog so badly, but can’t. And you’re almost going crazy from trying to figure out why. Honestly, I have the complete opposite problem. I have too many ideas, but out of practical reasons, I can’t write 3 blog posts in one day so I try to calm myself down. But then, this is not about me. This is about you and your problem with blogging – or the lack thereof. 

So let me help you figure some things out. If you’re one of those people who want to blog but can’t, then this is for you. 

I often come across posts from friends that say, “What to blog?”, “I feel so unmotivated to blog!” or any other statements that pertain to the demotivation to blog. Here are some suggestions I came up with to help you get out of that rut. I hope one or two of these suggestions help! 

1. Don’t write. Just rewrite. 

That’s right! If you can’t write any blog post, why not just go back to your old blog posts and rewrite them?

If you’ve been blogging for a couple of years now, I’m 99.9% sure you have old blog posts that need some editing or rewriting. It’s the perfect time to unleash your inner Grammar Nazi but, this time, to correct yourself.

I’m sure that over the years of writing/blogging, your writing skills have already improved. By now, you can go back to your cringe-worthy entries and try to make them friendlier to your readers’ eyes. 

Or why not update an old blog post? This is especially useful for travel entries. Rates, venues, itineraries, famous spots, and the like change over time. Why not go back to those old entries and update them?

Old blog posts can still be useful when they’re packed with updated information. Dust off those 2008 travel posts and make them relevant again. More so, increase your blog’s exposure the organic way! 

2. Turn to another creative venture. 

We sometimes can’t feel that inspiration to write precisely because we feel uninspired. So what’s the best way to address that?

Find something that inspires you.
Turn to another creative venture that you love.
Challenge yourself creatively but in a different way just to tap the left side of your brain.

These outlets can be simple but still be challenging.

For example, when sketching, focus on your strokes, on how you will get this or that part right. Eliminate any other noise around you so you can focus on the task at hand. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Paint a picture 
  • Illustrate/draw/sketch
  • Edit a series of photos you already have
  • Listen to your favorite feel-good music 
  • Play a musical instrument 
  • Watch a movie 

3. Turn to nature. 

Nature by itself is therapeutic. It can do wonders just by existing.

Take advantage of it.
Seek its help when your mind is too noisy with thoughts and these prevent you from thinking straight.

More often than not, we can’t focus on the simplest task because of internal noise – our own thoughts.
So what you can do is to focus on external distraction, no matter how ironic that sounds

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Go to a park and observe. Just sit and let your mind wander. Observe the people around you, notice how their arms swing as they walk, how they make facial expressions. Observe that tree, notice how the colors of the leaves differ.
  • Run or brisk walk. Your thoughts would surely come together as you run/walk more. It’s like walking away from all that demotivation, you feel?
  • As your head gets clearer, you’ll notice that your thoughts would start gathering by themselves. Before they escape you, start documenting them by voice recording. Bring your phone with you as you walk in the park and just spill your thoughts. Once you get home, transcribe your recordings, construct them into more comprehensive paragraphs, and you have a fresh new blog post ready for polishing! 

4. Workout. 

Working out is often underestimated but it’s actually really effective. We just often think that it wouldn’t help or we’re too lazy to do it so we pass up on the opportunity. But studies and articles show that working out has a lot of wonderful mental health benefits, including Boosting Brainpower.

Just do simple exercises enough to boost up your energy. In no time, you’ll find yourself writing down words that weren’t there before. 15 minutes of exercise can certainly go a long way! 

5. List topics you’d want to blog about. 

If you’re really not in the mood to write anything even though you’re itching to, take this time to prepare rather than procrastinate.

Sit down with your favorite cup of beverage and jot down some things you’d want to blog about. They may be blog posts you’d actually need to write for work or personal experiences you simply want to share with your readers. Whatever they are, simply making a list can already give you that boost of inspiration and help you mentally prepare yourself for the next blog post you’re going to write. 

6. Organize/tidy up/clean around. 

It’s hard to organize your thoughts when you have a messy workplace.

It may not be apparent for you, but those cluttered little areas in your room might be the culprit for your frazzled thoughts. So close your laptop for a while, tidy up a little, and maybe when you go back to your desk, you have some ideas already brewing in your head. 

Better yet, take the time off and use your frustrations towards productive things.

Maybe this is the perfect time to finally tidy your closet or declutter your makeup kit.
Maybe then you can blog about your “makeup empties”.

How’s that for content?

7. Read to write. 

Reading on a daily is as important as writing religiously to improve on your craft.

Feeling lost with words? Maybe you’re not reading enough.
Lack topics to discuss? Maybe you just need to boost your word bank.

Dust off those books you’ve had on your “to read” pile (everyone has one, don’t lie!) or maybe finally unearth those articles you’ve been promising to read but never find the time to (I’m guilty!). 

Whatever it is, if you can’t write it, it’s probably because you need to read it. 

8. Take a shower. 

Yes, seriously.

Maybe all you really need is a fresh bath for you to think clearly.

Maybe you’re not in your best self because you physically aren’t.

More often than not, I find it helpful to just relax my mind and take a shower when I feel my writing’s getting a bit rusty. I listen to my Jazz playlist to rejuvenate my mind and to hopefully find inspiration from the songs I listen to.

It also helps when I’ve been staring at the screen for too long and my eyes need a break. Shower rids of the eyesore, the headache, and the lack of inspiration, based on my personal experience.

Some people even dress up before they write even when they’re just home! Those little acts of self-love really help boost your confidence, trust me! When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you believe that you can do anything and you’re just so inspired to create! 

9. Listen to podcasts. 

Podcasts are not everyone’s cup of tea. I used to be a hater. Okay, maybe hater is a strong word. But I wasn’t really a fan. However, I gave it a chance and it worked for me.

I only listen to podcasts when I need dire help. It helps when I’m doing something mindless and I need something else to fill the quiet gaps in my head.

For example, I listen to podcasts while walking around the room, trying to figure out how to address my writer’s block. Or when I wake up and I need that motivational boost. Podcast speakers are really awesome with that.

Try Chalene Johnson. Once upon a time, I got addicted to her podcasts.
Others’ are full of BS and pure non-sense; hers are not. 

10. Take a break. 

Lastly, cut yourself some slack and just rest if you really need to.

At the end of the day, no one really knows your deadline but you.
No one knows what you’re up to except you (unless if you announced it to everyone and gave them high hopes, then you’re really pressuring yourself).

Look at it this way.

You feel so pressured to blog about something. But why? Who’s waiting for that entry? Is it urgent? Do you need to write it ASAP even at the expense of your content’s quality? Is it worth it?

If not, then just take a break. 

At the end of the day, if you’re not in the mood, then you’re not. Once you acknowledge that, things would be much easier for you. 

B O N U S: Do the sit-stand technique

Since I already put “10 things”, I don’t want to ruin that just because I’m adding another item, so I’m just going to make this a bonus

When you can’t think straight, it’s probably because you’re sitting for too long. Standing makes a HUGE difference in terms of being able to think more clearly and coming up with great ideas.

I guess it’s just something to do with your blood flowing better in your streams.
This sounds like a joke, but I’m serious, okay!

As for me, I personally find it easier to think when I’m standing because I am able to fidget better. I can pace around, tap my foot, etc. while brewing ideas in my head. 

It’s hard when I’m seated because I keep adjusting my seat, I drink more water to kill time (which results in my peeing more – and I already pee a lot in a day!), and overall, I get more indecisive so I can’t focus on what I’m doing.

When I’m standing, the balls of my feet also hurt easily. And I make it a point to not sit down until I’m done with the heaviest part of the task. Therefore, I’m forced to work quickly! Does that make sense? 

It’s like my reward system, gets? 

This particularly helps when I’m in a rush and I can’t afford to be distracted (which happens every. single. time.).
The more I mindlessly browse on social media, the longer I need to stand, the more my feet would hurt.

So by standing, I’m able to minimize if not ditch altogether the distractions. 

It’s your turn to share.

How do you address your blogger’s block?


  • Dianne Karol

    This is such a good read, Bae. Especially now that I’m well-aware how unmotivated I am to write. I have A LOT of pending ideas to write about but I just can’t open my dashboard to even type a phrase. I like the list you came up with. I have been doing some of them without me noticing. haha. I always admire you for your abundant ideas and being able to write them all out.

    • Bae Milanes

      Thank you, Dianne! Ganun nga eh. I just get so many ideas so why not share them with my readers? I know these tips are pretty basic, but they help. And sometimes we need a little reminding. 🙂

  • Alissa Mags

    #1 tip is so good, I know I have so many old posts that I need to rewrite. I don’t even review my blog post meticulously, I just post it right away. Now is the time.

    • Bae Milanes

      It’s very important that you proofread your work before publishing them. It says a lot about your credibility as a blogger/writer. You know what else you can do to make sure there are minimal errors? Copy past your text in a different platform (ex: Blog to MS Word) so you see the words differently. Mas lilitaw ang mali. 🙂

  • Dianne Kathreen

    The list is really on point. I think hindi lang ‘to for writer/bloggers block, but also for creative. Yung minsan nauubusan ako ng creativity for work, so pag ganun I either sleep, watch random videos, Pinterest, or socialize. Really helpful yung Pinterest for me. 🙂

    • Bae Milanes

      Mine too! Pag gusto ko makakita ng inspiration photos/posts, I go to Pinterest. Kasi ang sarap lang sa mata. <3 Yes, this may be applicable for some din, as long as buryo ka na and ubos na yung creative juices mo. Haha.

  • Myrrazen Kate Sabater Consulta

    This is super helpful, bae! Thank you! To be honest, I am currently having my blogger’s block. It sucks! I told my readers in my recent posts that I’ll try to be active but somehow, I can’t. I feel so unmotivated and what’s worse is I don’t even know why. But this post helps! It kind of puts the pressure in me to write again. 🙂

    • Bae Milanes

      Maybe you just need a little pick me upper to dust off your “blogging hat” 🙂 Don’t pressure yourself, though. Write when it feels right. That’s the best advice I can give you.

  • Da Dominguez

    This is what I’m experiencing right now! I lack inspiration and motivation mostly because I’m still trying to sort things out with my new line of work. Kaya ngayon ko lang din napansin… love the new layout Bae!!! <3

    But anywayyy, on most days, I do the same, like workout and re-channel by creative juices into something else like art. I find it really effective. Lagi ko rin iniisip that I don't always have to write kung wala talagang lumalabas because I don't want to produce half-baked posts as well.

    • Bae Milanes

      To be honest, though, I like it better when bloggers seldom blog pero quality blog posts. I don’t mind waiting naman because I’m sure it will be worth it. And I’m also sure your readers will always be there kahit mag-hiatus ka pa 🙂 And true!! Don’t pressure yourself when you really dont feel like it.

      And thank you!! I think this is my favorite theme to date. 🙂

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