The Beauty & Chaos Of Devotion

The Beauty & Chaos Of Devotion

A couple of days have already passed by when I first laid eyes on the chaos and, at the same time, devotion that is the Feast of the Black Nazarene. The feeling still lingers although I’m sure it’s not a sepanx. A form, maybe, but more like the disbelief that I’ve finally seen this Feast with my own two eyes.

To say that it was chaotic is an understatement. At one point, even Jec got nervous that something might happen because it was really wild in the crowd down there. We were already on the viewing deck of National Museum but somehow the devotees still found a way to go up the gates and press us, along with the media personnel, against the walls.

As much as it was really a mayhem in there, I did my best to take photos, and I’m glad that I got some rare captures. I intentionally left some photos behind (as you would have noticed in my previous blogs) because I was saving the best for last. In line with that, please don’t be confused about my recent blog posts!

Traslacion 2017: The Beginning

On the other hand, I used my own words to describe how my day went in this blog post. I focused on the scenes that Jec and I encountered on the way to the National Museum and on behind-the-scene photos before the carriage of the Black Nazarene arrived. I consider these shots purely documentary. These are the moments I snapped pictures in hope of preserving the natural state of the event such as how people behaved, what the surrounding place looked like, etc. I intentionally made it a cliffhanger blog post because I intend to write more blog posts in relation to the Feast. I hope I’m not being redundant here.

My First Traslacion Experience | #Traslacion2017

In this blog post, I used Jec’s words to describe how our day went. We didn’t stop at viewing the Traslacion, We made the most of the day and hopped from one ancestral house to another. This is where I posted my creative shots from the Feast; shots that I found fascinating and thought of showing my constant readers.

Now you may be wondering why you’re still reading this and the fact that I bothered to write my third blog entry on the Feast. If you have noticed in my aforementioned blog posts, I haven’t posted any photos of the Black Nazarene yet. I tell you, I saw how the devotees struggled but persevered during the Feast. It was pure mayhem. You could barely see the rope from the crowd because everybody wanted to have a piece of it.

On the contrary, I’m a tad bit disappointed that I didn’t see some legit action on the Black Nazarene. For the past few years, I’ve seen devotees stepping on each other in hope of touching the Black Nazarene. This year, they went a little calmer. So maybe that’s why they settled with the rope.

Anyway, I think I’ve already blabbered too much. Here are my hand-picked photos. Enjoy!

(I highly encourage you to be keen with the photos and to study each person’s facial expression. It fascinates me how a single picture can contain a wide range of emotions.)

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