Baguio City, November 2016

Baguio City, November 2016

Last month, my family and I went to Baguio City for the nth time this year. It was extremely cold. It was the first time I felt that way in Baguio because I would often do with a shirt and a pair of jeans, but this time, we were all wearing layers of clothes to keep ourselves warm. Of course, I took the opportunity to take photos for my blog. It rained on and off while we were there so I intentionally made the photos look a bit gloomy.

DAY 1 

We checked in, settled our stuff in the hotel room, and went out to explore the city.

We went out to have lunch and then the rest of our time was spent in SM Baguio, lounging, while waiting for the Night Market to open. I made an Ukay-Ukay Shopping Haul Vlog about my Night Market purchases. If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the link.

DAY 2 

The next morning, we drove to Session Road and had breakfast at Swiss Baker. My mom loves going there and because of it, I’ve also learned to love bread. I used to hate eating bread, by the way. I found it a boring food back then.

After eating, we went to this mall where my mom got herself some charms and bracelets while I browsed some books in Book Sale. We didn’t do much in the mall. Anyway we had to go back to the hotel because we still had to pack our bags and check out.

We really went to Baguio to invite my grandma’s friend to her birthday. The rest were just sidetrips. We did the surprise visit and invitation on Day 2 in between going places. When we got back to the hotel from La Trinidad (where my grandma’s friend lives), Manong napped while we* (my mom) packed our bags and I took over Spotify for some music.

I usually have separation anxiety when going back home to Manila. A 2-day visit always feels too short when we go out of town. What made the sepanx go away was our little trip to the marketplace and this cozy coffee shop, which was out last stop before finally sitting on our butts for a few hours enroute Manila.

I already made a photo dump on the coffee shop. You can view the photos here.



When was the last time you went to Baguio? What were the places you saw, things you did?

Comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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