#BaexMinimalism: Clothes

#BaexMinimalism: Clothes

For my second part of decluttering, I want to clarify that all this time I’ve been doing it wrong. For the entire time, I thought minimalism is about getting rid of things – which apparently is not. It’s making space for what’s important and valuable. It’s making more space for less. Although I can’t honestly say that I’m actually trying to have a minimalist lifestyle because… I’ve never been materialistic to begin with. So I guess I’m just decluttering my things while maintaining my already simple lifestyle. 

Such a mess 🙁
I color-code my clothes for convenience

And honestly, it makes huge sense. I’ve realized this even way back. The more I buy things, the more I realize my personal preferences. I know better what works for me and what doesn’t. And I tend to keep a mental note of what products to avoid for my sake. For example, I keep a mental note in my head that I don’t deal well with liquid lipsticks since they’re highly drying and my lips are already dry. So unless the formula is a little gentler (like NYX Lingerie), it’s a no for me. Little things like this actually help. Today, I’ve been on a lipstick ban for 2 months already. That’s a progress. YAY!

Back to decluttering, I focused next on clothes. Project 333 (33 garments for 3 months) sounded enticing, and trust me, I wear too few clothes that it would be a breeze for me, but which is exactly why it doesn’t make sense for me to do it. Project 333 is for those who let too many options get the best of them. It’s when your clothes take over your life instead of the other way around. It also didn’t make sense that I had too many clothes unsorted and I’m already gonna start on a new project. 

And so, one fine night when my brain was still hyperactive despite it being a few minutes from midnight, I removed some outdoor clothes I always hated and could never find an occasion to wear to. I also removed some shirts and bottoms which are always there but never worn. You know, those little “what ifs”? But I got real. I haven’t worn tshirt X in 2 years, what makes me think I’d wear it in the next 6 months? If I wanted to, I could have worn it anytime. But I chose not to. A clear indication that tshirt X must go – along with tshirts A, B, C, etc. For the longest time, I’ve been putting off cleaning out our closet, but it only took me 45 minutes, excluding my social media breaks. 

Post clean-up. Ahh, looks so much cleaner!

“But what if you need this skirt or that blouse in the future?”

Good question. Then I’ll buy it when I need it. And when that time comes, I’ll make sure to be wiser with my purchase. Sounds like a hassle, but it really doesn’t make sense keeping something for an uncertain occasion which you don’t even know if it’s actually gonna happen (ex: wedding, grand party, professional event). In any case, I kept some decent dresses, and I still have my blazer from college. If I need something else, I’ll just buy then and there. 

I plan to donate the clothes to a charity. It’s good that I can just go there whenever I want because it’s all still so tentative. I plan to bring more than clothes so I can tidy some areas in our house even for a little bit before Christmas.

Left pile – Clothes to be disposed, Right – Clothes I’m keeping

I have some casual/professional clothes in my closet which I don’t want anymore. I don’t know what to do with them. They’re still too pretty to donate to children. Besides, I’m too large for them. LOL. I have no patience to sell online yet I have no prospects in mind. Some friends said I could donate them to H&M for reselling, but I don’t know. 

That’s basically all my clothes. The closet however is shared between me and my mom, so some clothes are hers. I told ya, I have few clothes. 

And with that, I’ll end this blog post. For you, that’s #BaexMinimalism: Clothes. 

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