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Bae Takes Banaue | Day 1


As promised, my family and I went to Banaue over the weekend and despite just my 2nd time to go there, the trip seemed shorter. Okay, well, I was asleep majority of the time, to be fair.

It seemed only like yesterday when I first took a glimpse of our famous rice terraces in flesh. Nothing much changed with the place except it was less cold. Nevertheless, it was still every inch beautiful.

Let me take you back to that weekend and share with you how we spent our first day. Come this way! 🙂

3:01 AM – It was an extremely early call time for us as the trip would take about 8 hours (including fast drives and overtakes) so by 3 AM, we have already packed everything and were ready to go.

The night before, I already took a shower and did my blog post for Baguio Day 2. I thought I could pull an all-nighter and just sleep during the drive, but even my granny bones couldn’t take being still awake at 1 AM. I had to take a 1-hour nap before I got up at 2 and took a change of clothes and packed the remaining of my things.

6:37 AM – We had out first glimpse of the sunrise and we stopped at a Jollibee branch to have breakfast. The manager wouldn’t let us use steel utensils and one of the staff served us cold water when he even asked mom if she wants it with no ice. 🙁 Boo your customer service!


There was a post outside Jollibee that said “Bawal ang orange dito” (“Orange is not allowed here”), and on the other side, it said, “Bawal ang green dito” (“Green is not allowed here”). We were all laughing about it because none of us understood what it meant – could it be referring to the color of tricycles passing by or the color of the shirts passersby were wearing? Even the locals didn’t have a clue.

I also found this sosyal “post no bill” state on the wall.


In between our travel, we took a few stop overs where I snapped these photos:





1:17 PM – Hello, Banaue!



We stayed at the same hotel just like the last time. I like the fact that everywhere you look from the window, you will see the mountains surrounding the hotel and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to take a glimpse of the fog.

I haven’t tried other hotels in Banaue but from what I observed, the Banaue Hotel is the closest to the city proper and this might be the only hotel I saw in Banaue during our entire trip. *gasp!*

We checked in, unpacked our things, and went to the hotel’s dining area to have our late lunch.




I know I’m not producing the best photos right now but allow me to become better when I get my new phone! Don’t give up on me! I should be taking the time to edit the photos and make them prettier but it takes forever! Besides, this would be more authentic, right? 😉 Okay, I’m totally rationalizing right now..

Anyway, the hotel’s dining hall is divine! By the way, it’s called Imbayah Restaurant!


The entire place is seated just beside mountains of green beauties. Food-wise, their serving sizes vary, but overall, the food is good!

We had crispy pata and tinolang manok for our first Banaue meal. 🙂 See? Even the table setting is gorgeous! As with their service, you don’t have to keep reminding the staff to fill your wineglass with water. Before you finish your glass, they would be approaching you already. Thumbs up for water drinkers out there!




The lighting is divine, don’t you think?

3:46 PM – After our lunch, we went to Tam-an Village where there was just beauty, beauty everywhere! Here, let the photos do the talking. 😉







All photos are unedited and appear as they were taken 

If these photos didn’t impress you, I don’t know what will! Well, okay, maybe better photos by someone else? Heh.

5 PM – By mid-afternoon, we were done being tourists and taking photos. We were not ready to call it a day until we went to the palengke, though! I didn’t take too many photos because my phone was ready to give up on me by then and there weren’t touristy spots to take photos of. Now I totally regret it and I wish I was able to capture their local lives in photos. 🙁 I won’t fret, though, as I know I shall return. 😉

This might sound shallow but my best memory of the palengke was one of the bakery’s pan de coco. Haha! It was so good, I kid you not. For Php 2 a piece, I was ready to buy everything, but I didn’t want to appear too greedy so 5 was okay for me that time. Hehe.

So, ganun, konti pa pala ang lima?


7:20 PM  – We were already back in the hotel this time and were having our dinner.

Afterwards, we went to this souvenir shop across the restaurant, where mom had some deep negotiation with the saleslady. Her products are so darn cheap, considering that she made most of them! My heart!

I got this really nice travel bag with lots of pocket and a water tumbler pocket on the side. If you know me well enough, you should know I’m a pocket + bottle holder girl. I totally dug the bag and I knew it would come handy in a few weeks when Shane and I start traveling around the globe. Or, maybe, just around the metro, you know? LOL.


Isn’t it divine?!

By 8 PM, we were back in the hotel and I enjoyed a good book while the rest of them munched on the cakes we bought from the restaurant. Even before we checked in, mom said she wanted to have a massage before sleeping because apparently, Banaue’s masseuses are really good. I tagged along and had a massage, too. I have to say, the woman who did me was pretty good! I just had to ask her a couple of times to calm down because she’s really strong! It was the first time that I felt delirious during a massage, partly because it felt so good, and partly because I was tired from the 8-hour trip.

My neck really hurt from how I slept in the car because my seat was leaned too backward and none of us can put it back the way it should be because I broke the lever when I was a kid. Hehe. Entirely my fault, I know. Maybe I deserved the neck pain after all.

The massage finished by 10:30 PM and I was so ready to call it a night. It was cold, I was oily from the massage, and I was dead tired.

We were in for a treat the next day. *cue in harps music*

“Wait, there’s more?!”

Uh-huh! It’s a 3-day trip this time, baes!





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