Bae Takes Baguio | Day 2

Bae Takes Baguio | Day 2


And I’m back! Well that was one day down again. Work out, fun in. I mean, of course, you can still have fun while working, right? As long as you love or like what you’re going, then you’re good. But nothing is more fun than meeting the weekends, amirite?!

I am so psyched that we are going back to Banawe – it’ll be my second time! – but for now, let me take you back to last weekend’s trip, our second day in Baguio City, to be exact.

Let’s go!If you remember, I mentioned in Day 1 how an exciting day awaited us and this is it exactly – what I’m about to share with you all. πŸ™‚

4:30 A.M.Β – Wake up call. The night before, mom and I spontaneously decided to up to Mt. Sto. Tomas, the highest peak in Baguio City, to take photos of the sunrise. I wasn’t prepared and also didn’t listen to their forewarnings that it would be very cold, so I came in a thin pair of cargo pants, a sleeveless blouse, a denim jacket, and shortcut chucks (you will see an #ootd photo in a bit if you keep reading). I immediately regretted my whole ensemble.

Not to be exaggerated but it was extremely cold. It was so cold that my hands were shaking, I could barely keep my hands steady, and I had to steal snaps of photos in between trying to keep my hands warm in my denim jacket but to no avail. How cold,Β you ask? I just drank freshly brewed coffee from the insulated thermos we brought along. It was that cold. But with all our sacrifice came something amazing.

5:45 A.M. – We reached Mt. Sto. Tomas and had our first snaps of the mountains and the tiny houses that resembled stars, but on the ground. Going up, we were 5,000 feet above sea level already and it was a bit scary looking behind my back. It felt like going up a roller coaster before it drives forward, but the ride going up lasted for a few minutes, not just seconds.


We weren’t able to go to the highest peak itself but we were in that area already. It was too bad that the mountains completely blocked the sunrise. While we were going down to Baguio City proper, it was the only time we saw the sunrise greeting us with its bright rays. Anyway, here are a few more photos (forgive the quality of my photos as I am using only iPhone 4. For our next family travels, I’ll make sure to bring a more quality camera):

The lit houses looked like stars amidst the still sleeping city
Almost daylight
Sun’s peeking in

I was expecting to see a lot of fog but it was on the other side. πŸ™

This was taken while we were on the way down and I rolled down my window to take more photos

6:37 A.M. Β – We made a stopover to take photos of the sunset


Look at mama looking all snug, considering none of us took a shower. Haha!


An unexpected good shot

7:01 A.M. – We went back to the hotel to wake up kuya who was still sleeping peacefully when we arrived. Since everyone else was taking their time to fix themselves, I took the chance to take some photos, this time of objects and not of nature per se.



But of course, I couldn’t forget the trees.




I think I’m getting better at choosing my angles. πŸ™‚

8:19 A.M. – Ahh, a nice breakfast, finally!

I don’t like modeling in front of the camera so I ask others to model for me




I’ll be honest with you, I have never been a bread person since I can remember, but I guess something changed and now.. Oh, what I would give just to have fluffy pandesal for breakfast, with jam and butter to boot! Oh, and, of course, coffee!

12:10 P.M. – After breakfast, mama wanted to see this mall and buy charms from this store that sells so many lucky charms or what others would refer to asΒ anting-anting. When she was done buying her loot, we went back to the hotel to take our respective showers. It was like we just jumped out of bed and roamed the city. Wait, that is what exactly happened. LOL. Kuya also took some photos of me.


I will never master my angle when someone else is taking my photos. Huhu!

It was past noon but we still haven’t had our lunch yet. After checking out of the hotel, we got cups of coffee from Starbucks before hitting the road again and going to our next destination.

1:09 to 1:40 P.M. – We still managed to make pullovers before having our lunch. We made a quick stop at The Mansion, Wright Park (just across The Mansion), and Pink Sisters Chapel. We omitted Botanical Garden (my idea) and Groto (mama’s idea) as we didn’t have much time left and we couldn’t stay at Baguio too late and go home when it’s already dark.

Some people stared at me as I took this photo. I bet they don’t find important trivia interesting enough, not that I can understand the dialect, but you get what I mean.




Step aside, BeyoncΓ©. Here’s the real Queen B.
Yaya duties while the photographer is at work / Starbucks lovers (LOL JK I’m a CBTL gal)

2:26 P.M. – Well! It’s about time that we had our lunch already! We drove back all the way to Mile-Hi Park and ate at Mile-Hi Dine for a change. Their food are actually good! It’s just sad that few people go there because it’s not as famous as Dencio’s or Little John’s around the area.


We ordered a bunch of food but I didn’t take any more photos because I was that hungry already and it takes one more photo until my phone runs out of memory space. During our 2-day trip, I already deleted about 300 photos just to make space for new ones. I hate to delete Shane’s photos but they were the most abundant in my gallery. πŸ™

After eating, we walked around for a bit but didn’t do anything else special. Mom got snacks from the grocery and then we were off to the road again.

4:20 P.M. – Officially saying goodbye to Baguio City.. for now. πŸ™‚


See you on my next #baetravels series!
Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

May you see only beauty and lightness around you,



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  • Ooooh The photos are lovely. I remember going to Baguio a long time ago and it was super cold! Now, if I know my destination will be cold, I will really dress warm! I don’t care how WARM my attire will be but I don’t like feeling cold at all. I’d rather feel warm. HAHA. And yo, pandesal is bomb! I miss it so much.

    • Hi Corinth! Thank you! Natural light was my best friend along the entire trip, otherwise most photos wouldn’t turn out so good. πŸ™ I love pandesal! If I were to move countries, it’s definitely one of the first few things I would be looking for. I need a Filipino section everywhere I go!

  • It’s been a while since I’ve been to Baguio! Actually planning to go later this year, just because we want a shot with trees like the ones you’ve so beautifully captured <3 =)))

    • Aww, stop it, you! Haha. But to be honest ha, I’m surprised the photos turned out prettier than I expected. With my current phone’s small screen, it’s hard to see details and I don’t get to see the until I’m editing the photos. Thanks for the compliment! I didn’t plan on it but it seems like this year is beginning to be a year of traveling. πŸ™‚

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