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Bae Recommends: Muang Thai

Do you ever have that one particular restaurant that you’ve always gone to ever since you were a kid? Well for my family, it has always been Muang Thai. I can’t exactly recall when my mom’s fascination for that restaurant started, but ever since I can remember, we would even go out of our place to eat there. Of course, it’s not your authentic Thai restaurant – it already has a Filipino fusion in it – but their food tastes delicious and which I’ve not yet tasted in other restaurants.

This is not a food review. I simply want to share my thoughts on Muang Thai because I love that restaurant and because we recently dined there. Ready for some Thai goodness? Then, keep reading!

We went to the Banawe branch when my mom picked us up from the house to get our blood test results. My mom has been craving for Muang Thai so we just went there since the clinic was also in the area. We had our usual orders.

First up is their famous Chicken in Pandan Leaves. A plate costs Php 250. The chicken already tastes good, but dip it in the dark sauce and it’s tastes even better!

We also had their Satay Chicken(Php 225). I love the peanut sauce, which is the yellow one. The other one is vinegar. I personally don’t like vinegar because I wasn’t raised having it as a condiment for my meals, so I prefer the peanut sauce. I think the vinegar dip is also an addition. I don’t remember seeing it before.

This is my mom’s personal favorite. She loves finishing the entire fish because she likes lapu-lapu in general. I think she prefers steamed fish over grilled fish. A plate of this lapu-lapu dish costs Php 110/100 grams. Sorry for the grainy photo! I just zoomed in on the plate because it was too far from me. Clearly, my mom was excited to eat the fish!

This is my younger brother’s favorite – their Fried Stuffed Crabshell. However, this one was too spicy for our liking. The crab is already spicy, but also the sauce. Anyway, it was good. If you like spicy seafood, you should try this one. A plate is Php 260.

I missed eating vegetables so I ordered this. It’s Stir-Fried Vegetables with Chicken (Php 225), but looking at it, you can simply call it Chopseuy. 😛 It was just to add balance to the other viands, since my family likes meat and they’re not a big fan of greens.

We only ordered Steamed Rice (Php 35/cup), but if you want to try their rice plates for sharing, I’d recommend the Thai Bagoong Rice. It tastes really good and goes well with any kind of viand. For pasta, I’d recommend their Pad Thai. It’s something I would have any time of the day. It has a distinct taste that you’d keep wanting to have. I especially love that it has toge – I love crunchy vegetables if it ain’t obvious enough!

Our orders were taking a bit long so I took the opportunity to take photos of my mom. 😛 Plus, there was good lighting. It’s always a sign for random photo ops!

Have you tried Muang Thai before? If not, what would you like to try?

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