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Bae Reads: Brain Pickings

My Brain Pickings draft is piling up, so I’m putting out another volume for you, guys. 🙂 Over the weeks, I was able to collect some nice reads and if you think they interest you, feel free to click the links!

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The Problem With Filipinos

This is such a thought-provoking piece. Just go ahead and read it. If you don’t agree with this, then let me say this, maybe you have too much #PinoyPride lurking in your veins, even when it’s already inappropriate for certain situations.

Go ahead and disagree with me. But I will still agree with this article nevertheless.

Dear Senator Sotto and All Men Who Feel Entitled

Some could have simply shared this on their social media platforms, skimmed through the lines, tagged their friends on the comment section, and other mundane things one can do when an article pops up on his or her feed. I did more than that. I copied the link, saved it in my Notes, and now here I am, sharing it to whoever I could, with my personal insight.

I think this article is brilliant. It is short but direct. It’s frank, straightforward, and brutally honest. But with it comes sincerity of words; you can really feel the pain of the author and compelled she was to write this – to inform, to educate, to shame those who think and act like pigs. It’s raw, pure, and thought-provoking. I believe 99% of the female population would agree with me.

This Is What Actually Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

I’ve been having a problem with that thing called “sleep” lately. This article made me realize that I do need to make a reality check in my lifestyle and start getting into the habit of “practical sleeping”, as I would call it. At night, I just usually force myself to sleep by thinking of something deep that I can ponder on. I literally make my brain preoccupied until it gets exhausted.

It works for me, but I know it’s wrong. I always end up having weird dreams because of my last-minute thoughts before I fall asleep. Having a lack of sleep is also starting to damage my writing – I’m starting to slur my words and, if I may say so, I’m starting to think that I’m forming a slight case of dyslexia.

Road To Staying Fit

Reading this fitness blog post by Augustin reminded me that I need to get back to the gym. Lacking exercising is starting to take its toll on me, e.g. I can’t concentrate on work, I’m not getting enough sleep because I’m not exhausted enough at the end of the day, I’m not as physically fit as I want to be, I’m not eating well enough, etc.

I think Augustin is so brave for putting this out there and even including photos of her journey. As of this writing, I have been MIA from the gym for beyond a month now, with no drastic change in my lifestyle (except that my amoebiasis attacked me for weeks on end), so there’s really no reason for me to keep stalling especially that I’m well now.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address 

Jec made me watch this video (there’s also a written text following the video) one time when I was having one of my many quarter life crisis episodes. I can’t exactly remember what I was venting out on him (I say too much that I sometimes forget I’m repeating the same story), but I got so engrossed with Steve’s message that I screen capped some parts of his speech so I could go back to them when I scroll through my photo gallery. It’s a long read but it’s worth it.

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