Bae Eats | Long Hair’s Lugawan

Bae Eats | Long Hair’s Lugawan

Since we started dating, Jec wouldn’t stop telling me about this Lugaw place in the marketplace near them. Well, alright, it’s literally called Marketplace.

I would say the place is kind of isolated from the products sold in the market because you have to know the spot to get there. It’s not really visible from the outside. This particular lugaw place is called Long-Hair Lugawan. Long hair because it was started and managed by a man who had, you guessed it, long hair.

While busy with his grandchildren, his family continues to manage the business. To this day, their allotted tables have already extended to the other stores so I guess those other stores had to shut down to make way for them.

Extended tables on the other side

The lugaw itself is flavorful. Add a pinch of pepper and calamansi (lime) and you have the perfect rainy day merienda. We also got a plate of tokwa’t baboy, which was equally good. I liked the pork better just because I didn’t grow up eating tofu. Also, the food was so cheap, we spent less than Php 150.

I was hungry that time so I couldn’t stop looking around and seeing what else was being sold. I was curious how their palabok tasted, which Jec said was good, but then there was also the halo-halo. Yikes. PMS episode Craving: On. I got the halo-halo because I just wanted some kind of dessert and because I honestly couldn’t tell the last time I’ve had halo-halo. It’s been that long!

You can easily tell how a lot of Mandaluyong residents love frequenting that place. It hasn’t been five minutes yet when we got up when other customers started taking our seats. All the staff worked nonstop because there were a lot of customers to serve and some of them do not order one dish alone.

This lugawan is located inside the palengke so expect that it’s not a posh eatery at all. Although I’d have to say, that part of the palengke wasn’t smelly at all. Sure, it’s packed, but the people are kind enough to let you through without hitting you on the shoulders or something like that. Overall, I enjoyed our quick merienda there.

What about you, what’s your favorite lugawan?

Are you a Mandaleรฑo and have been to Long Hair’s Lugawan before? Share your thoughts below. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Bae Eats | Long Hair’s Lugawan”

  • I recently asked my mom if she already tried that place because she stayed in Mandaluyong for how many years since my Aunt has a house there but she didn’t know about this lugawan. How I wish my mom and I can eat there soon especially we love trying out lugaw with lumpia. Hehe! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Augustin! This one is your modern lugawan, and I’m surprised that it really IS good, considering I didn’t grow up eating lugaw. I liked it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know if you decide to go there with your mom! <3

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