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About Last Saturday Night: Kimukatsu x URBN

I can’t stop thinking about last Saturday night. I still have this club vibe lingering in my system and focusing on writing about travel articles is the last thing I can or want to do. I didn’t know partying would bring this ecstatic feeling to me because I have always been a self-proclaimed #TitaOfManila and was always easy to find club goers distasteful.

I can’t stop thinking about last Saturday night so I’m just going to write about it and blurt out the juicy details. God forbid someone who’s not supposed to read this.

My Saturday morning mainly consisted of working on a sideline writing gig. I spent my morning to afternoon opening tabs and paraphrasing recipes and descriptions. 4:30 PM came and I was ready to prepare for my night out with Nikki, a college friend. Of all people, I never thought I’d be close to Nikki. We didn’t really have the same vibe before and we would just smile when we bump into each other in the hallways. Now we go out and drink like amigas.

Not even on the way, it was so hard to get a bus and I even got kind of lost, so I was super late for our original meeting time. I wasn’t familiar with SM Makati so I had to ask around a couple of times and try to make sense of what little I had with my sense of direction. Finally we met and it was so hot and I was drenched in my should be cute and classy outfit, but the heat was just insane even at night. We made our way to the BGC Shuttle Bus and off we were dropped at High Street.

I tried to take a story for my Snapchat but to no avail. My 3G wasn’t fast enough and I should be saving my battery anyway. Of all things, I forgot my charger. I didn’t have even the cable. I was down to 70% that time. We strolled around High Street but couldn’t find a restaurant of our liking. We even went as much as cross towards the other side with more restaurants, but the place itself is simply too packed. After too many rounds of walking aimlessly, we decided to sit down at a cobblestone and make up our minds where to eat. Of course, we had to take photos while at it and retouch what we could. It was such a mistake of mine to sport a backpack on what would be the most exciting night of my life. I felt like I was going hiking any time.

9:03 PM – Finally getting our Japanese fix 

Finally, we decided to eat at Kimukatsu, a Japanese restuarant I was secretly eyeing but didn’t tell Nikki because it seemed expensive. It was worth every penny, though, the food was great, the place was cool and cosy, and the couches were too comfortable.

I had the Cheese Kimukatsu while Nikki had the Black Pepper Katsu if I’m not mistaken. It was so good, though. The restaurant was a bit hidden from the crowd, but it’s very much worth a try. Nikki and I caught up with each other while waiting for our food to arrive, did a little touch-up here and there even though I clearly know it’s hideous to do your face in any public place except the comfort room, but I was beginning to look like trash and I’m not getting any flirts during the night if I looked like that.

Now let the photos do the talking.

In between bites, Nikki and I talked about work, relationships (or lack thereof), and how cool it was that we were finally having a date again and in a nice place at that, to share the topics I have at the top of my head. I was happy to see Nikki eating more than we normally do. We even managed to have a second serving of rice even though we both insisted to have a light dinner because we might pig out later while drinking. It’s worth noting that their red miso soup is delectable.

I didn’t take too many pictures after, just some to remind me of the memorable things I wanted to keep with me and to reminisce on when I go home and finally get sober. I am the worst person to get drunk, I’ll have you know. At least, in my book, I am.

Taking a long walk after eating a heavy meal is always a good idea. So that’s what Nikki and I did. Anyway, we had to move to Fort Strip because that’s where the fun stuff is and the night was still young. We didn’t know what direction we were going and Nikki’s only sign of the direction was the RCBC Building with the lighted sign. We knew then we were going to the right direction.

11:04 PM – Warming up before the fun part 

Finally, we arrived at Fort Strip and the first thing Nikki noticed was James Bay Guy’s voice. She would fondly tell me about this guy who plays the guitar in acoustic and belt out chill, often romantic songs from 8 PM to 11 PM. That’s one tough job if you ask me, but it also just happens during weekends so I’m actually relieved for him. We sat there for awhile while Nikki gazed lovingly at James Bay Guy (I think his name is Luke) and I groaned and complained about the heat and how I didn’t have any rubber or elastic to tie my hair up.

On our way, I even saw some sick murals and they were pretty cool. Nikki said artists change it every now and then, but I’m not sure when “now and then” is.

We finally arrived at Fort Strip itself and lo and behold, there were youngsters and groups of friends everywhere. As the night deepened, more people arrived. I think I have inhaled second-hand smoke there more than I have while studying in FEU Morayta. But I’m not complaining – I know it’s all a part of it. After Nikki and I successfully found a 7-Eleven store (with a secret club beside it), we walked around Fort Strip too many times I cannot even remember the number, when we finally settled at Keg (with a group of guys beside our table, of course).

Me being pa-cute in front of the camera. I had a mug of Toffeenut Beer while Nikki had a Caramel beer. It was too sweet even for a beer, so I was okay with my Toffeenut. I actually shouldn’t be drinking because we are all (family) allergic to alcohol so I know I will get a patchy skin, a hoarse voice, and a bad hangover after even if I drink as little as a bottle of beer. True enough, I could feel my heart beating fast and my insides getting hot with every sip of my Toffeenut Beer. It was all good though, we went there for the drinks anyway.

Nikki kept assuring me that it was too early to witness any party start. It was only midnight. We seemed out of place and we knew we were not getting any more company if we just stayed at Keg by ourselves, so after too many pondering and persuading, we went ahead to Urban and tried our luck. Clearly, we weren’t dressed for the occasion becuase I was in my jeans and flipflops, but I guess they’re not that strict on dress codes since the place itself wasn’t that fancy.

12:56 AM – Hello, Urban 

This is my only picture of the club. I didn’t want to be a scene stealer. It was hard to take a photo with the lights flashing in and out and I definitely didn’t want to use my camera’s flash that time. I was good with getting a feel of the place and adjusting to the loudness of the music and the kinds of people there. I had a few weird encounters such as this guy wanting to dance with me but I didn’t want to partner with, and this guy dancing in front of me and owning the dance floor with his dance moves that were out of this world. It was part hilarious, part creepy. He didn’t even ask me; he just started dancing in front of me and made himself comfortable like it was easy to assume we were already dancing partners.

To say that I was uncomfortable at first is an understatement. I looked out of place with my backpack and tattered jeans, and I didn’t blend well with the crowd and the song. Nikki and I decided to get our bottles of beer to get our dance vibe going. The beer didn’t help, it was disgusting. It literally had no taste, it was like having sprite with 2x the volume of water. I can’t remember the exact name but it’s a SanMig beer. I wanted to try the Brew Kettle but they ran out. Bummer. I knew I still wasn’t getting hyped up enough so we got shots of URBN Legend and my energy was immediately all over the place. It was so overwhelming and because it’s also my first time to do a real shot, and it felt so hot in my chest, like 10x what I felt with the Toffeenut beer. My throat was burning and I just wanted to reach for my water tumbler. YES, I HAD A TUMBLER WITH ME THAT TIME. PROBLEM? But I remembered I left my bag with the guard because it’s simply too embarrassing to go in a club looking like I’m about to hike anytime.

When I was finally drunk enough to be retarded, I went to the dance floor and danced by myself while Nikki and Francis were left behind catching up like old friends. They aren’t. They saw each other once a few years back and Nikki recognized him. Then they started talking while I floated around in my own little, blurry world. I remember going to the comfort room and walking around wobbly because of the alcohol and some people looking at me weird because I was trying to be this independent woman who needed no help whatsoever. I was like the drink I had – Weng Weng. I was walking weng weng all over the place and preying men who would suit my physical taste and overall charisma and confidence. I felt I had an invisible net that time and I was ready to throw it out anytime I spot someone that seems cute enough for me. It was very unlike me, but then again, alcohol does things to people and maybe it just really shows who I really am. I’m just more bashful in person without the alcohol’s influence.

And then that dance with Sean happened. I fucking killed it and in a bad way. Somebody even enlighten me why I asked him if he’s straight? I mean, c’mon, really? Who does that? Why would he even dance with me if he was gay? Then I caught a whiff of his perfume and he smelled so damn good and I just had to tell him that. So to make up for my compliment, I had to snatch his beer out his hand and drink it. He was pretty polite, though. He said he saw me in the comfort room looking a bit lost or something, and so in the dance floor, he kept asking me if I was okay. I said I was just drunk. And I also told him about me looking for a guy to dance with for 3 hours already and maybe I wasn’t pretty enough to be approached by anyone, and he told me not to do that, and that the point was to enjoy the music and have fun even if you’re by yourself. And he had a good point. According to Francis, this guy was going to approach me but NIKKI GOT IN THE WAY BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T NOTICE HIM UGH.

But anyway, it was an unbelievably good night to morning for me. I didn’t know I was in for a treat and come 4 AM, I was still doing crazy dance grooves that Nikki had to literally drag me out of the club. I wasn’t falling for her empty promises that we’ll do it again. I can’t be too complacent. After all, I don’t know when it’ll happen again. I wanted to make the most of the time and enjoy myself while I could.

Around 4:30 AM 

I was too drunk then, but I wasn’t slurring my speech yet. They were hungry, I wasn’t. But we headed to McDonald’s anyway. I was still walking wobbly, I looked like trash, and I had rashes all over my chest. I looked like what you’d call a certified lasenggera. I will remember that McDonald’s branch for not having nuggets at 4 AM. They were serving breakfast only so I had to get a crispy chicken sandwich, the most basic chicken sandwich they have, and a pineapple juice, all paid for by Nikki because I was too drunk to mind our expenses. She also carried my bag for me even though I actually didn’t want to because I was sweating the entire night we were walking around The Fort and I didn’t want her near my bag. Anyway, she took good care of me then. Really, really good.

5:17 AM – On our way home 

After doing my best to finish the sandwich that I wasn’t even in the mood to eat, we finally decided to go home to Nikki’s house. I snuck a picture of this two because they’re the perfect pair I could ever ask for to be with me that Sunday morning. Francis wasn’t paying that much attention to me, probably because who wants to talk with a drunkard anyway, but he was still accommodating, and he was very patient. We were staying the night at Nikki’s but a girly slumber party turned into a 2-hour nap. I was too tired and sleepy to even bathe. I know it was so disgusting, but I also needed to catch up on sleep before I headed home. And by taking a shower before I sleep and another one before I go home would take up an hour already. I wasn’t well rested, clearly. Even in the cab on the way to Nikki’s nest, I was already asleep and just woke up a few minutes before we alighted. I was brain dead, stinky, and weng weng. Those are my best descriptions of myself that night.

When we finally got to Nikki’s house, I sprawled on the sofa bed like a homeless child and Nikki gave me a blanket. It was so soft and it was the best feeling in the world hugging that fluffy blanket after a long morning. I woke up 5 minutes before 8 and Nikki was already (or still) awake with her face washed and everything. I took a shower, had my coffee, had a fun conversation with Nikki and her cousin Devanney, had a quick breakfast of hotdog and bread prepared by Nikki’s mom, and after an exchange of pleasantries and a sketch of my way home, I left and tried my best to go home without being robbed or lost.

Sometimes it helps to be alone and find your way on your own because that’s how you learn and become more able. Clearly, this one night of fun left me with a lot of lessons, like shut your pie hole when you’re drunk and your brain is on malfunction; be aware of the time when you have elsewhere to be the next day especially when you’re planning to party all night, which you shouldn’t; be considerate of the people around you even when you’re drunk; and don’t party with an almost empty pocket so other people won’t have to pay for you.

This blog post doesn’t give justice to how amazing that night felt and all my other personal emotions, but I can also be so detailed because I also wanted to cherish that night, and cherish the night I did. I wasn’t planning out a blog post at the back of my mind while dancing, heck no. I was just having a blast and tita dancing.

I wasn’t even supposed to write about this. I could have stopped at Kimukatsu, but I know it’s my prerogative to post what I want and someday, I will look back on this and just laugh it off. But what the heck, I’m already laughing about it now. I still giggle and cringe at the memory of my tackless mouth and the things I did. I wasn’t that drunk I puked though, and I wasn’t like the other girls who were clearly begging for attention by falling on their feet and kissing guys. Eww.

I’m writing this at 8 AM on a Wednesday because I finally have my shit together and I have a few minutes to kill before I shower and prepare for work. I’m no longer hungover as I was two days ago and I actually feel better sharing on my blog what happened to me, to us that night. I hope my memory doesn’t fail me months, years from today and I would still remember every detail that I do now.  They’re worth cherishing. That’s another one in my book.

So here’s to more drinks and kinks.

Kids, drink with your stomach, not with your brain.



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