About Bae: Randoms

About Bae: Randoms


  1. I love that sophisticated click my iPhone makes when I lock it.
  2. Most of the time, I drink coffee just for the taste.
  3. I have weak legs so it’s a pain in the butt to do Legs Day.
  4. I’m distracted easily. I always have extra-curricular activities while I’m working.
  5. I love acoustic versions of songs more than the original ones.
  6. I am batshit scared of cadavers and Lotus Feet. Shit, why did I even…. 
  7. I have an irrational fear of imaginary sharks and anacondas attacking me while I swim in a public pool.
  8. Most of my money literally go to coffee and to my life insurance. Oh, wait, and my monthly child sponsorship.
  9. I am constantly bored so I always have to find ways working will be nice and fun than the previous day.
  10. My favourite song always changes about every 2 weeks and it depends on my life’s current situation.
  11. I seldom watch TV series but my favorites include Vikings, Orange Is The New Black, and How To Get Away With Murder.
  12. I have the biggest crush on Jason Derulo. He makes me feel things I shouldn’t on a normal day.
  13. For a writer, I’m dumb at spelling the words, “accommodation”, “embarrassing”, and occasions”, to name a few. I always have to rely on spell check.
  14. I hate dealing with anything electrical or technical like internet issues, gadget installations, and whatnot. With that, I also hate answering the door and talking to technicians. I’m going to be sexist right now and let the men deal with matters like those.
  15. I immediately become a calmer person when I’m closer to nature.
  16. Out of writing too many words per day, I already have a mild case of dyslexia and it bothers me when I switch up words or write a completely different word. Take “person” and “version” for example.
  17. I don’t function well without my glasses. I literally can’t think straight, I become forgetful, and everyone looks like they’re under the sea.
  18. I focus on listening to the drumbeats when I listen to a song. It’s my favourite musical instrument, just because it’s the only one I can tolerate and play.
  19. I work best when I’m in a laidback place and good music is blasting from my laptop’s speaker.
  20. I only hate running because it hurts on the chest and I don’t want people focusing on my twins. Other than that, I actually enjoy the adrenaline rush I get from it. Sometimes, the physical attribute is a hindrance to fitness. Sigh.

What about you? Share to care some randoms about yourself?

Bae Milanes

Bae is a 20-something passion blogger from Manila. She likes hoarding hobbies and trying out new stuff, blogging about her mundane adventures, and tweeting about random realizations and musings.

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