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A Happy List

It’s 9:24 on a Sunday morning as I write this blog post. I find myself having enough time to write a quick post, so I do this. I realized lately that I’ve been having a bad case of materialism, a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values. This is what has been causing me to want things I don’t need and spend hours looking up online stores on Instagram. 

I thought I could write down the things that made me happy lately so I could stop pursuing material things. Surprisingly, the things in my happy list are actually non-material things – they are more of relationships and memories. This goes to show that material things can only do so much to make us happy. At the end of the day, it’s relationships that we should hone more.

1) Patching things up with a friend 

Have you ever felt that despite “losing a friend”, you that that deep inside, the friendship is not yet over? I had that. Two days ago, I got in contact with that friend again and patched things up. We both knew it was only pride getting in the way. But in the day, we both knew what we lost was more valuable than any kind of pride in the world. So we said our sorry’s and wished each other well. Despite the lack of communication for months, we both knew the other is doing well, so that’s good. We don’t have to talk every day to know each other’s progress.

2) Instagram Story 

This is insane, but I used the Instagram story for the first time last night. What it lacked in face filters made up for the cute edit features. No wonder so many take the time to use Instagram and Snapchat for their stories. Both are equally nice and entertaining. Instagram stories even made me find someone I could give my spare lipsticks to.

3) Spending a lot of time with Jec 


We have our little moments, me and Jec. This is us standing in the middle of Jones Bridge and holding a pseudo-photography session. LOL. It was a bit scary and awkward, but knowing that we were standing there gave us a guarantee that no car could hit us. I would sometimes go to his house to work while he sleeps (he works on graveyard shift) so that gives me my quiet time for writing. I actually write better that way for some reason. We try to meet two times a week. Otherwise, we plan a big date. And by that we mean, walking around famous spots in Manila or chatting along Manila Bay to catch the sunset.

4) Immersing myself into photography and learning about the craft more each day 


I borrowed Jec’s DSLR and fell in love with photography all over again. Right now, I’m studying the Pentax Q and how I can take better photos with it. It’s a pretty nice mirrorless camera for something that is so compact. I take its size as an advantage – it looks so much like a toy camera that it’s actually hard to take it seriously. Haha! I don’t find it takaw-nakaw at all. It produces nice photos from what I have test shot. I have yet to use it more. For now, I’m saving this review to know more technical parts of the camera. Just in case you’re also interested.  These are some of the shots I took yesterday.


5) Walking the famous streets of Manila and taking home a lot of memories and photos 

I wrote a blog post on this and I will be uploading some more photos soon! It was a breath of fresh air being in a different world. My curious mind was able to wander again and with Jec’s help, I grew a sense of patriotism. Going to Escolta, roaming the chaotic but colorful streets of Binondo, eating authentic Chinese food, and doing what the locals do gave me the reality that despite the trash that we see as Manila, we should try to preserve the pureness of what’s left of it, and relive what was once renowned to the masses, like Escolta.

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6) Having new pens and notebooks 

I finally got the notebooks I wanted for my grateful journal and I’ve been at it for weeks now. I wish I were a more creative person, though, so I could fill it with doodles, letterings, and paintings, but my hands could only do so much. 🙁 I got my notebooks from Muji so the quality is superb. I got pens from Titus brand. They’re pretty pigmented and allows nice writing. I’m also in love with the colors because they’re quite unique from your typical blue, green, and red.

7) Blogging more 

I’m really happy how I dedicated almost my entire day to blogging. I was able to edit my Manila blog post and even start on Local Brands You’ll Love. I made a poll on Twitter and many chose that title, so I’m going to work on that one next. It’s already in my drafts and about 40% done.

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8) Refraining myself from shopping 

Guys (and girls), do you even know how hard it is to refrain yourself from shopping when you’re PMSing? I know it’s unusual, but I get this urges to hoard things and rationalize hard that I need more than want them. For girls, it’s like craving for food. I also crave for material things. But because I’m such an indecisive person, it takes me weeks to buy something. And it takes so long that before I buy anything at all, the material craving goes away. It’s all ironic, right? So far, I’m successful at stopping myself from buying anything unnecessary. I’m intentionally delaying my money transfer from Paypal to my bank account because paying with Paypal is harder for me (I don’t like the 5% fee, tbh).

What about you? Care to share some things that has made you happy lately?


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