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A Day in Manila


I woke up this morning dreading the day ahead. I’ve never been particularly fond of Monday, but it was somehow harder for me to get up because I’ve been MIA from work for weeks because of my recent dengue so that somehow meant that I needed to start from scratch and tap the writer in me. Fortunately for me, work is light today, so I don’t have to go on full-blown writer mode. My tasks are enough to put me back on track.

Having spent the last few days in the hospital and at home made me crave for an adventure again. The last time that I was out and about was when Jec and I went to Intramuros and Escolta, a few days before I got sick, and admittedly, I’m starting to get sick with malls because now I only need them for personal errands and nothing more. I’d rather go elsewhere than spend a day in a mall, case in point. I mentioned to Jec that I wanted to do something next weekend that would bring me some adrenaline rush since I’m ready to be pumped up again. I remembered my photos from Escolta and I’ve been meaning to make a photo dump here in my blog, so that’s what I’ll be doing now until the weekend arrives again.

It’s a bit chilly. It’s way colder than your average day in Manila, my stomach is grumbling from hunger, and it’s been drizzling nonstop since this morning, but I don’t mind. I actually like it. Cold weather always lifts my mood, especially when it stays chill all day so there’s one less reason for me to be grumpy from the Manila heat.

Anyway, enough of this talk. Let me take you back to July 23 on a warm Saturday when Jec and I shed pounds from walking some of the famous streets of Manila.

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