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6 Random Things About Me

Disclaimer: I originally wrote this on a Monday afternoon (I promise) but didn’t get to publish it until now because of technical issues. 

I’m writing this on a lazy and scorching Monday afternoon (hell, PH summer, what’s good?) because I have nothing much going on right now. I don’t have a writing gig in the works – I haven’t had any in a while, and yes, it sucks, but that’s not why I’m writing this blog post. I’m writing this blog post because while the “lifestyle” section of my blog is doing well, the “personal” section is not. I don’t think I’m writing enough personal content to live up to my blog’s  niche – Lifestyle & Personal. 

That said, I’m doing this really random blog post in hopes of getting your attention again and allowing you to see bits and pieces of who I am, sans all the branding, blogging, marketing whatnot.  It’s so hot here in our house and it always makes me feel like my brain is being fried.. but, at the same time, I’m not willing enough to step out of the house and go to a cool coffee shop just to write a blog post. That, to me, is somehow a waste of time, energy, and money. 

So bear with me while I try to gather my thoughts because it’s really hard for me to think when it’s hot.  I really hope you can feel the degree of this heat so I won’t be the one one to suffer. Suffer with me?

  1. I was an athlete when I was younger.  Back in the days, my family and I would go swimming every weekend so we could practice our lapses. Island Cove used to be a safe haven for swimmers like me, but it gradually became one of those public pools where families swim in their t-shirts and jersey shorts. So we stopped going. Island Cove – that’s where I learned how to swim in a 6-foot pool despite being only 5 feet at that time (I currently stand at 5’3″). I would hop in the pool with older, taller people and I would just “dog swim”. That’s also probably how I got strong legs. I could stay under the water for a long time without getting cramped or tired legs.  There was also a time that my father enrolled me in tennis lessons during the summer. He’s the biggest enabler in our family when it comes to sports. Sadly, he’s not a good motivator or influence. The drive never stuck because 1) I didn’t (still don’t) like hanging out with my dad and 2) I didn’t (still don’t)  like to do things when I’m hanging out with the person I didn’t want to. Don’t get me wrong. I used to be a daddy’s girl, but things changed. Generally, things change, period. 
    The longest I played a sport was when I played badminton. Our parents enrolled us siblings in badminton lessons, enabled us to join the high school varsity, and brought us to the court every chance they could get. Every chance meant every week. Imagine how kind of exhausting it would be for us. We didn’t even like badminton. We were just programmed into it. Wow, this actually makes me realize that I never got to call the shots when I was younger. They dictated everything we had to do whether we liked them or not. Anyway, this is not a story about our differences. It’s about me, me, me.  You know when you’ve played something so long that it just sticks with you? The same goes for me with badminton. I believe I still have the “moves” even if you drag me to the court at the last minute. I just hate when my dad lectures me, you know? Like, stop? I’m not trying to be an athlete or whatever? We’re just playing? Chill a little? 
  2. ‘Sex’ is my happy pill.  Oh, yes. ‘Sex’. Sex And The City, that is.  To avoid the clinical term (read: depressed) and perhaps potential offense, let’s just use ‘extremely sad’ even if those are the same thing.  Whenever I feel extremely sad, I watch Sex And The City to soothe my soul. Not the ‘I’m so sad, they didn’t save me a plate of spaghetti’ or ‘I missed my favorite TV show’ level of sadness, but like ‘Fuck, what the hell is happening to my life’, ‘I don’t want this anymore’, ‘This is painful AF’ level. Do you get me? Other people travel, create stuff or maybe stay in the shower for hours (IDK, I’m taking wild guesses here), I watch Sex And The City.  Not the entire franchise ha. I don’t do marathons or anything like that. Just snippets of the movie until I feel a bit better. It can get draining, you know. ‘Sex’ movies can last 2+ hours and I don’t have the patience or time for that. I don’t know what it is about it, but maybe it’s the friendship, the glitz and glamor, the realness of each character, and the style and fashion that overall makes me feel better. Suffice to say, it’s my feel-good movie. So I never watch it when I’m already in a good mood. Does that make sense? 
  3. I no longer consider makeup sacred.  Back when I was just starting with all the makeup shenanigan, I considered makeup sacred. I would make a HUGE DEAL out of my makeup and would keep playing in my head that “look, my eyebrows are on fleek, they’re probably looking at my brows right now and wondering why they look so good”. I was that vain. That feeling stuck with me until recently. Now, sometimes I forget I have makeup on my face. Like, I would feel like total crap after commuting and sweating, and touching sweaty people while in transit, but I would catch a reflection of myself and think, “damn, girl, that highlighter is making you shine tho”. It gradually grew on me. Now makeup is not so much of a big deal to me. I couldn’t care less if you see me looking like a hobo, I am not going to smear expensive ass foundation on my face just so I look pretty in your eyes. There’s a quiet confidence in going out and knowing you don’t need to look beautiful all the damn time for other people.. because you easily can when you want to. 
  4. I don’t like frappes.  They’re all pure sugar. I don’t mean that hot drinks do not contain sugar, but have you seen the amount of whipped cream they put in frappes? It screams diabeetus (I just putt off writing this blog post to read Reddit comments on the New Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino because I just remembered). Anyway, because of that, I started to appreciate hot coffee more. But since I’m so forgetful (and I have a lot of things going on, always, unintentionally), I always put off drinking my cup of coffee. It then gets lukewarm. And we all know lukewarm coffee ain’t good. I did a little experiment and instead of heating my cup in the microwave oven, I added ice cubes to make my DIY iced coffee minus the unnecessary $. It worked! Tastes the same, just cold. That started to be my routine. So for the first few sips, I would have myself a hot cup of coffee. And the rest it would be iced coffee. It’s such a win-win for me. And with this type of weather, I’m down for anything cold. Unless I’m in a really cool place and I actually want something hot. 
  5. I have a really short attention span. This is no secret. Why am I even including this? Before getting to #5, I have checked my Twitter account several times, browsed my Facebook newsfeed, watched a couple of videos on YouTube, and uploaded links on Facebook and Twitter (and tagged a friend). Maybe that’s why I’m a natural multitasker. I get bored with one task so I start another, and when I get bored with that, I start another.. so at the end of the day, I am doing five different things all at the same time, most likely all half-baked because I don’t finish anything by multitasking.  It’s bad, I know. I should kick this habit out the window. 
  6. I am a hoarder. I hoard a bunch of stuff just because I can, but not to my bank account’s expense. I hoard online articles because they’re free. I have articles I saved from a year ago but haven’t read yet to this day because I’m waiting for the “right mood to kick in”. I also hoard books I’m never in the mood to read. Because of that, I’m planning to sell books I know I’ll never read anyway or books I have read but feel totally out of touch with who I am; books that didn’t speak to me; books that didn’t move me; books that didn’t feel right. 

So yeah, that’s my very random blog post under the “personal” category. 

So now I have two random questions for you…

What’s something very random about you? Would you buy my pre-owned books once I put them up on my Shop?


  • Da Dominguez

    I’m currently under the writer’s block… again. I have a few ideas in mind but I still got so much on my plate and I can’t focus. But this gave me an idea. Maybe I’ll write something similar to this, too. But for a start… *okay, nakakapressure pala mag-isip ng interesting facts abt me*… okay, so here it goes. I’ve always wanted to punch someone (okay this urge sounds kinda weird), I was just curious how it feels like. So I put it on my bucket list. HAHA. And fortunately, I used that for a good cause and punched a guy from school who physically and mentally abused my friend, who was his then-girlfriend. No regrets. It felt so goooood!

    • Bae Milanes

      Grabe Da!!!! Hahahahaha. Such bravery! What happened then? I really hope hindi ka niya ginantihan.

      Ako, bucket list ko makasampal ng tao tska himatayin, just to know how it feels like. Hahaha. Grabe, bakit ba ganito goals natin in life.

  • Karen Roldan

    Same tayo, I also have a VERY short attention span. Maligalig ako to be exact! I can’t focus on one thing. Lalo na kpag may nakita ako na something interesting, ayan na, dun na ung attention ko. Hahaha.

    One random fact about me is… I’m either super organized or super kalat. Like, kailangan everything is arranged according to size, color, etc. Or pantay pantay kumbaga? I cringe, for example, kapag mag stock ako ng biscuits ko. If the brand name is facing the left side, everything has to face the same side. Bawal ung may naliligaw. And dapat in order din. Nasa front ung maliliit na size, then sa pinaka likod dapat ung malalaki. Hahaha. But if super kalat ako, dapat everything is not in a particular order.

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