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5 Odd Things About Me

5 odd things about me. Just because. ?✨

? I wash my hands before I sleep and when I wake up. It just feels ‘right’ to have clean hands before starting/ending your day. Idk.

? Whenever we order from McDonald’s via drive-thru, the first thing that pops in my head is ‘pineapple juice’. What? This girl needs her fiber.

? I feel restless when I don’t sleep beside my mom, not that I’m clingy – LET ME FINISH FIRST – but just because I’ve been so used to that set-up ever since (and because my mom refuses to let me go. EVEN AT 22). And because I’m a wussy. Hello, lotus feet. (OMG BAE, STOP.)

? No matter how much I persevere, I always end up consuming 20 minutes average of shower time. Doesn’t matter if I’m in a hurry. People will have to adjust to this primadonna. It frustrates me so much that I sometimes feel sad even before stepping in the bathroom. I get tired just shampoo-ing my hair. Scrubbing my body is another story.

? I don’t like bacon. Should I go to hell now?

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