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23 Lessons At 23 • (S/O to my fellow June babies!)

Over the course of 23 years with Life, I’ve encountered various kinds of people, tasted different experiences from here and there, and have had my fair share of love and war within myself and with other people. I compiled the 23 top lessons I’ve learned so far and you may not resonate with each one, but I hope that you pick a few lessons from this short but raw post.

I’m a sentimental person (first time I’m admitting that, yikes!) so expect a lot of deep perspectives. I’m posting this now because it will be busy during the next few days and I hate scheduling my blog posts (Sorry, bloggers), but my birthday is really on June 7th. That’s a Tuesday!

Cheers to one more year off the calendar! ?

  1. Life is harsh, but it’s not a race. Respect your own pace. What’s yours will be when you’re ready.
  2. Shallow and pathetic people truly exist. Learn to ignore them because you can only do so much to tolerate them.
  3. Your mistakes will help you grow. Learn from them. Take the good stuff and dump the bad ones.
  4. Embrace solitude while you can still do things alone. Date yourself, make yourself laugh, smile, cry happy tears. Give yourself butterflies.
  5. Immerse yourself in intellectual conversations. You’ll be surprised with the lessons you pick up.
  6. If people truly love you, they will root for your happiness. If not, then something’s wrong.
  7. No matter what you do, you will unintentionally hurt people along the way. You just have to choose who will hurt more: you or them.
  8. Stop entertaining your doubts and fears. The world is so big. You can’t have it all but you can have a piece. Use it well.
  9. Love sometimes come in the form of separation.
  10. Stop taking life too seriously. It’s not that serious with you anyway.
  11. You owe yourself good health. Take that walk in the park because you need to, not because you want to.
  12. Feel free to do your own thing. Stop compromising your time and activities for others or you will be very disappointed.
  13. You owe it to yourself to learn good grammar.
  14. Support local.
  15. Take this time in your 20’s to mold yourself. Somebody will always be out there in the future. Take this time to enjoy your own company.
  16. Don’t show all your smarts to someone in one sitting. Make people think. Surprise them.
  17. Love yourself enough to walk away from something that only wastes your time.
  18. Be fluid, be formless. For when you have no shape, you can be anything.
  19. But don’t compromise your principles for someone else’s opinion. Take those opinions with a grain of salt. Listen to your gut feel because it will never betray you.
  20. You can never be too smart for the right people.
  21. You may not like your mother all the time but love her anyway. She’ll be your best friend during your worst heartbreak.
  22. It’s not your fault if you have high standards. Don’t stoop down anyone’s level if you know you don’t deserve to be there.
  23. You will learn things the hard way. You will become stubborn with your principles. You will have your own conviction. But once you learn, you will acknowledge the fact that the people who were trying to help you were right all along.

I love you,

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