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11 Accomplishments Last October

I can’t say I felt last month’s accomplishments, but apparently there were a lot! So I’m not gonna prolong this intro. Let me share with you the 11 accomplishments I did last month. 

  1. Blog reviews. Although it wasn’t my intention, I was able to write quite a number of reviews this month. That’s pretty unusual because if you’re a constant reader, you’d know I seldom write reviews. It’s tiring and sometimes stressful, but a part of me feels the need to share what I see so even though you don’t buy those stuff or go to those places, you’d have an idea about them. Does that make sense? Anyway, this month, I focused on reviewing restaurants/bars and makeup –  quite an unusual combination. 
  2. Photo dumps.  I was also able to do 2 photo dumps – one wedding and one concert
  3. Gym. Once again, I attempted to officially go back to the gym, but I was unsuccessful, obviously. I don’t know when I’ll be back permanently but I’ll have to admit, I miss that part of me. I’d like to think I was also a better person when I was working out, but I feel like right now I’m focusing on my mental health rather than on the physical. You can’t really have it both ways, can you?
  4. 1-month hiatus from Twitter. I deactivated my Twitter account for a month because it was really starting to get crazy out there. The call-out culture was getting worse by the day and reading negative thoughts also made me think negative thoughts. I felt Twitter sabotaging my sanity and affecting me negatively both mentally and emotionally. Suffice to say, it was slowly making me a bad person. And all because of… social media?! So I turned my back on it and lived my life without Twitter for a month. Honestly, it felt so exhilarating. At the back of my mind, I’m still thinking of writing why I took a hiatus. The thought is just floating in my head. But eventually, I went back because I also needed some sort of release. Plus, I missed my Twitter friends. :'( 
  5. New laptop charger. I finally got enough funds to buy me a new laptop charger. I felt like it cost me my entire lower body because it was just bloody expensive. But I knew I needed it. And every time I would be tempted to dip from my funds, I delayed purchasing something I actually need versus something  I wanted temporarily. But then after I purchased a new charger, my laptop’s battery gave up on me. So now I have to save up again. :—-)
  6. 5th Featured Blogger volume. I released my 5th volume for my Featured Blogger of the Month series and I intend to stop there. I get a knot in my stomach every time I do something just for the sake of it. And I feel no one’s really benefiting from it aside from me and the featured blogger, and that’s not enough for me. 
  7. The Bloggers Masterclass. Like you probably, I’ve joined numerous bloggers group on Facebook, but like you probably, I only did the “drop and run” thing where I would drop my links and close the tab. I didn’t interact with anyone and I had no goals to know the other bloggers better. But I chanced upon this close-knit bloggers group that really made me feel welcome. This is the only FB group where I’m active and actually know a little bit about the other bloggers. Our discussions are more intimate and personal so I felt, hey, someone’s finally paying attention to me! 
  8. Van Gogh is bipolar. Jec and I went out on a fancy date at Van Gogh Is Bipolar! It exceeded my expectations and I just wanna go back to have their roasted chicken and dessert shot. I’m so glad we were able to go, at least it’s one item off our Bucket List. I intend to drag him to fancy restaurants because I feel we both deserve it. But we’re not rich so we need to literally save for those dates and do them only once every month or so. HAHA. 
  9. Korean Bing Su. Is it redundant to say Korean Bing Su because Bing Su really originated from Korea? I mean is there even Chinese Bing Su or Russian Bing Su? Am I making sense here? Anyway, after months of salivating over Bing Su photos on Instagram, I finally tasted the real thing and it’s one of the best goals I had in my life. So far, the only gross Bing Su I’ve tasted was from BonChon and I’m not surprised since I already got a heads up from Da a few months prior. Bing Su is just not very affordable for me so I’m not sure how others can eat a bucket every time they crave for it. :-/
  10. Mental heath breaks. So it’s really funny that October was World Mental Health Month, but it was the time I experienced the worst anxiety attacks. For weeks, I had problems dealing with others because of my mental issues. It cost me relationships, emotional stability, work, etc. But I’d like to believe I’m not a toxic person, but just an average person who had a toxic phase. It resulted in me having several self-love dates and daily reminders. It only lasted for weeks, and thank God that time has passed, and I feel much better now. And that’s all that matters. 
  11. Social media detox. I lost my phone and was forced to be away from social media for a few weeks. Honestly, I enjoyed that time because I was able to focus on myself more. Man, I even finished a book because I literally had nothing else to do during my free time! I felt like a normal person with only an average phone for texting and calling. It wasn’t even Android! But getting a new old phone made me realize that social media is a huge part of my life. I like sharing mundane stories on IG, swapping ideas on Facebook, and reading insightful thoughts on Twitter. In line with this, I’d just like to mention that I’ve been up all night tracking the highlights of my 2017. Seeing my blog posts and photos across my social media platforms made me realize that documenting my life is a huge part of me. Without those random posts, I feel like I’m betraying myself. Anyway, I’m gonna write all of them down at the end of the year so stay tuned for that if you want to see a breakdown of my 2017. 


  • Sella

    Baeeeee!!!! We are on the same boat in some points. Especially LOST the phone, i did too and actually mine was STOLLEN by ghost LOL. Hihi courage ma belle, that’s the life os always upside down

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