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10 Random Fitness Facts About Me

I know I’m a blabbermouth on social media and on my blog, but I feel like I’m limiting the things I share. Not that I have to share every single thing that’s happening in my life, but I feel like I have this duty to allow my readers to know me better. A couple of days ago, @thefitpinay tagged me on an Instagram photo so I’m thanking her in the form of this “10 random facts about me” list.

  1. I used to play tennis, badminton, and swimming when I was younger. Mostly HS days.
  2. I love working on my back, shoulders, and biceps. I sit for long hours on a daily so I need a good back support. I’m pretty proud of my shoulders already – I just try to maintain the shape. My goal is to have muscular arms AF that I don’t need to flex for you to see the muscles.

  3. My woman crushes when it comes to being fit and healthy are @hilaryisaac, @rownita, and @thegirlwhobites. If ya’ll are not following them.. why? Haha.

  4. I have a serious crush, and I mean Serious. Crush. on Cameron Diaz’s guns.

  5. My ultimate goal is to be able to squat 100 lbs. on an average. Like it’s my normal. I do that and I’d be so happy.

  6. I don’t stare at guys’ abs because they’re hot, but because I appreciate the hard work and patience they put in to have them.

  7. I love working on my bench presses. But I also hate getting firmer boobs. Ya can’t get the best of both worlds, I guess.

  8. I go to the gym 50% for muscles, 50% for sanity.

  9. I hate. HATE. doing cardio.

  10. But I’d do it if it involves ropes or kettlebells. ??

I tagged some lovely ladies on Instagram, too, to pass on the love. ❤️ If you want to read my full caption, click here.

Do you have some random facts you’d like to share? If you already have a list, comment your link below! I’d love to read your entry!

(Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be fitness related! I’d appreciate any kind of facts you share!)


  • Augustin Ra

    I love your fact number 8. It relates to the exercise tips I read from The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. She said, “Don’t link exercise to weight loss. Exercise for sanity, not vanity.” 🙂

  • Dianne Kathreen

    I can’t relate!! I used to be physically fit and conscious when I was in HS. Every night I’d do my 30-minutes workout while watching TV. But ever since I got so busy with college, I neglect stretching my body, even for a long run, or even eating healthy. My family’s pushing me to eat veggies, but I can’t – as of now. I’m so unhealthy and maybe that’s where I get my regular sickness. I’m already 22 and by this age, I should be more conscious of my body and health, but I really don’t know. Maybe I still don’t have the motivation to go back? 🙁 But thank you for this post, Bae. It helped me to think about it again.

    • Bae Milanes

      Thanks Dianne! I constantly get setbacks. It’s a huge deal for me that I get messages like this. Cos I feel my work in the gym has results. At the same time, it motivates me to keep going. But I’m currently back to being a potato.

  • Dianne

    We have the same thoughts for number 6. Abs requires lots of time and effort. I always admire them for having that kind of motivation. I don’t play any sports when I was a kid, unless of course, if it was required by the school. It was just about 3 to 4 years ago when I started getting conscious about my physical health condition.

    • Bae Milanes

      I actually look up to you cos you’re so diligent with running!!! I love running (on the treadmill, not outdoors), I just really hate chaffing. #TeamPata hahaha. I love working out alongside men cos I see how relentless they are so nahahawa na din ako. And they normally dont care how they look (except ung mga super vain), kaya i feel more comfortable working out.

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