I hate rain for various reasons. I have pretty thin and wavy hair so it frizzes easily. I’m also the most basic person I know when it comes to footwear – I never invest on that stuff. So I panic pretty easily when it starts to rain. I automatically check what shoes I’m wearing and if they would survive the… wet ordeal. Fortunately, water resistant products like GO!TECHS exist. I’m pretty sure they’re made for people like me. *Wink, wink*

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2 A.M. Writing


Disclaimer: I’m not supposed to be writing this. But I am anyway. I thought I could write on one of my social media platforms, but why delay it to be perfect? That’s my blog’s job. Anyway, on to it. 

I was sort of cleaning my email (actually just sorting the starred emails so I have quick access to important emails) when I came across some email threads between me and an ex. While I no longer remember the exact words we said to each other, I know we had that moment. Once upon a time, there was an us. Years after, I’m finally at this point where I can read our past messages without crying. I cringe from time to time, though. 

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