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How To Know If Someone Really Has Your Back


Pretty much like everyone  else, as a young person, I didn’t care about my future with my then partner. I just went with the flow without really thinking about it. But as you get older, you can’t really help but wonder, “Is he the right person for me?” Even if it’s not a romantic relationship, there would come a point where you filter the people you talk to by assessing how they impact your life, such as the way they support you or keep your secrets in confidence.. 

That said, how  can you tell if someone really has your back? Let’s find out! 

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Staying Dry w/ GO!TECHS


I hate rain for various reasons. I have pretty thin and wavy hair so it frizzes easily. I’m also the most basic person I know when it comes to footwear – I never invest on that stuff. So I panic pretty easily when it starts to rain. I automatically check what shoes I’m wearing and if they would survive the… wet ordeal. Fortunately, water resistant products like GO!TECHS exist. I’m pretty sure they’re made for people like me. *Wink, wink*

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January Accomplishments


We’re already a few weeks in this month but I still want to blog my January accomplishments, mainly for the sole purpose of documentation. A few moths back, I was able to recall some life events through my blog. And hopefully, my monthly accomplishments still prove to be useful…

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2 A.M. Writing


Disclaimer: I’m not supposed to be writing this. But I am anyway. I thought I could write on one of my social media platforms, but why delay it to be perfect? That’s my blog’s job. Anyway, on to it. 

I was sort of cleaning my email (actually just sorting the starred emails so I have quick access to important emails) when I came across some email threads between me and an ex. While I no longer remember the exact words we said to each other, I know we had that moment. Once upon a time, there was an us. Years after, I’m finally at this point where I can read our past messages without crying. I cringe from time to time, though. 

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The Law Of Attraction


I didn’t know I was attracting things in my life – both good and bad – but apparently I was. Now I can truly say: The Law of Attraction works.

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